The Solemnization Ceremony of Suzi & Syameer

  • Sumo

If you are a regular visitor to our wedding photography blog, you should have read our earlier posting on this couple. Previously I have wrote about the prewedding photography that we have done with them at Pantai Kelanang, Banting. Now it is time for their solemnization ceremony which has took place in Kelang in early May 2015. The solemnization took place in a nearby mosque. It was attended by close family, relatives and friends.

As in other Malay wedding solemnization, it was just a simple event for this couple. Both of them wore white outfit – white is always favorite colour for solemnization. Makeup for the bride was beautifully done by non other than Fatimah Ishak from Beauty Culture. The groom look calm throughout the ceremony. In the end the solemnization was completed as planned.

Here we share with you some of the photos we managed to capture during the solemnization.

all photography & editing by Nik Hamidi. For any enquiries or booking please contact 0173749707 or 0163937067.

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