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Reception of Suzi & Syameer

Today I feel like sharing another serie from Suzi & Syameer wedding – remember they took full package from us from prewedding, akad nikah, malam berinai, reception and majlis bertandang (reception at the groom side). So this is the fourth series out of five. Eh! Eh! Baru perasan semenjak dua […]

Malam Berinai Suzi & Syameer

After a short rest from the solemnization ceremony (akad nikah), we are up for another session at night. This time it is for `Malam Berinai’ – not too sure its English term. This is another simple occassion where the bride and groom wear different outfit – Suzi in peach colored […]

The Solemnization Ceremony of Suzi & Syameer

If you are a regular visitor to our wedding photography blog, you should have read our earlier posting on this couple. Previously I have wrote about the prewedding photography that we have done with them at Pantai Kelanang, Banting. Now it is time for their solemnization ceremony which has took […]